We are a Christian CENTERED, California based, vertically integrated cannabis company. Much more diverse than just retail delivery as some may believe. From cultivation at our Santa Barbara Highland Farms cultivation sites, to manufacturing our clean and consistent edibles made under one of our award winning brands Green Country Delights. Serving the Central Coast of California with great medicine compassionate pricing and brought directly to you at your home at your convenience

For years we have been Hand selecting the best Brands for our Members. We have expanded From Goleta to Camarillo in order to Better Serve our members.

We get new products and fresh flowers in weekly and are constantly pushing the industry for lower prices and higher quality. Give us a call and our expert phone staff will assist you in selecting the best medicine for your needs.

future Expansion and we will be joining forces with other strategic partners so look for our updates. Check out the “Upcoming Changes Tab” for the latest news

Our flowers range from the highest quality AAA+++ to the B.O.B. “Baller On a Budget” deals

Pre-roll packs and singles of various brands are available

Concentrates include Solventless - Kief, Hash, and Rosin

Solvent Extracted - include Cured and Live Resin Waxes, Shatter, Budder, Sugar, Diamond Sauce & Isolate

RAW SYRINGES Available in bulk pricing OF FULL SPECTRUM CBD - CBD AND THC DISTILLATE OILS - AND CBD & THC ISOLATE mixes vary from client to client for optimal Isolate -

Our branded vape Cartridges are made with triple refined distillate made and all natural terpenes.

We carry only products made responsibly by trusted brands including





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